Sunday fires displace 2 Charlotte families

Two Charlotte families were displaced by separate fires Sunday, a spokesman with the Charlotte Fire Department said, but no one was injured in either fire.

Charlotte firefighters responded just before 11 a.m. to an east Charlotte apartment fire at 1600 Seigle Ave. It took them 15 minutes to control the fire in the two-story apartment building, said Fire Capt. Rob Brisley.

A family of three was left without a home in that fire. Two families living next door to the affected unit were able to escape unharmed and were allowed to return Sunday afternoon, Brisley said.

Brisley said the cause was under investigation and he was waiting to learn a damage total.

Then, just after 3 p.m., firefighters responded to a house fire at 408 Keswick Ave., in north Charlotte, which affected one adult and three children, Brisley said.

“As (firefighters) pulled up to the house, heavy smoke conditions were pouring out of the home,” Brisley said. “However, all four family members were waiting in the front yard. They’d escaped unharmed, and the reason why is because their smoke alarm had sounded, alerting them to the fire.”

Brisley said the family was notified by a smoke alarm that the Charlotte Fire Department had installed during a neighborhood safety canvass conducted last month.

“The mother shared with the fire officer that she was glad the fire officers had installed the smoke alarm,” Brisley said.

Total damage caused by the fire, which started with food left cooking on the kitchen stove unattended, was around $15,000, he said.

Brisley said the American Red Cross was helping the two families. He added that a smoke detector would make a great gift during the holiday season.

“A smoke alarm serves two purposes: alerting the people who live there and a quick call to the Fire Department, resulting in no injuries and fires contained before they spread,” Brisley said. “A working smoke alarm is so important for helping your family get out alive and having firefighters respond quickly to control the fire.”