Rain, rain and more rain expected Monday, rest of the week

Here’s the forecast for Monday: Wet.

Meteorologists predict that the rainfall that has already showered the Charlotte region early Monday will continue throughout the day, intensifying into a possible thunderstorm before 10 a.m. and then taper off into a drizzle later in the night.

The National Weather Service estimates there is a 90 percent chance of rainfall throughout the day, with a 40 percent chance of rain or drizzle later Monday night. Temperatures will reach a high of 44 degrees Monday, with a low around 41.

Most of that precipitation is coming with a broad low-pressure storm system moving up from the Gulf of Mexico and hovering above the Southeast, said Doug Outlaw, meteorologist with the National Weather Service. The system will eventually move out into the Atlantic Ocean, he said, but will leave behind “lingering waves” of weak low-pressure moving in from the Gulf.

“It’s just going to keep it cloudy and a few patches of rain here and there through the middle of the week,” he said. “Most of the rain occurred overnight and this morning. The heaviest rain is about to come through Charlotte.”

Some thunder accompanied the storm as it moved through South Carolina, Outlaw said, but meteorologists did not detect any signs of lightning.

Fog will cloud the region by 2 a.m. Tuesday, when forecasters estimate a 40 percent chance, mainly after 8 a.m. Expect clouds with temperatures reaching their peak at 42 degrees, and slumping to 30 degrees when meteorologists say the chance for freezing rain is 40 percent.

Weather experts say there could be more freezing rain Wednesday before 10 a.m. The possibility of more showers begins to dwindle later in the week, with forecasters estimating a 20 percent chance of rain Wednesday night and a 30 percent chance on Thursday afternoon.

“Some of that precipitation could get mixed (in) with some snow flurries before it ends,” Outlaw said.

None of that is expected to accumulate on the ground.

Friday will see the week’s first speckle of sunshine when a high-pressure system heats the area, creating a mostly clear forecast and highs of 50 degrees. The rest of the weekend will be a little warmer than what’s typical for this time of year, Outlaw said.

The high on Saturday is expected to be 53, followed by 55 on Sunday.