Watch where you step in Romare Bearden Park

It appears that some uptown dwellers haven’t been doing their duty.

The Mecklenburg County parks and recreation department placed nearly 200 pink flags across Romare Bearden Park on Wednesday, marking dog droppings left behind by the owners.

The uptown park has several stations offering bags for picking up the excrement. But a spot check of dozens of flags revealed that droppings had been left across the grassy areas and into the mulched beds.

“I’ve never seen anyone actually not pick up after their dog,” said Frankie Simmons, who has lived in the neighboring Catalyst building for more than a year. He was walking his two lab mixes, Virginia and Summer.

He said he walks the dogs three times a day, and the bags the park provides make things easy. He said he didn’t see the flags out there Wednesday morning, and he believes they were placed there during the day.

Thursday update:

Tim Turton, who manages the parks’ horticulture program, said his staff members at Romare Bearden Park were taken back by the volume of dog droppings this week and decided to mark them for a thorough removal. He said the county took a similar action last year.

He said the flags – and the poo – would be picked up Thursday.

Dog droppings across the park have been a persistent problem. Turton said the parks department has worked with the managers of nearby apartment properties to get the word out about the importance of removing the waste.

The parks department is now working on setting aside a specific area of the park, marked with politically correct signs, for dogs to do their business.

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