Release of budget funds benefits teachers

With funding for driver’s education secured through the state’s budget, money that the county set aside in its 2016 budget to provide driver’s education will now benefit Cabarrus County teachers.

State legislators had toyed with the idea of cutting funding for driver’s ed but ultimately included funding for it in the budget they adopted in September.

The county set aside $567,241 to fund a driver’s ed program locally, but now those funds have been freed and, at a Nov. 2 work session, the Cabarrus Board of County Commissioners approved a request to use the funds to increase the annual teacher supplement.

A 2 percent increase for teacher supplements was already in place.

“That will take our teachers up to a 7 percent increase in their supplement this year,” said Kelly Kluttz, chief financial officer for the Cabarrus County Schools.

With this year’s increase, teachers will have received a 28 percent increase in their supplements over the last two years, Kluttz said.

According to Kluttz, half of the annual supplement is paid in November and the balance in June.

She said a new teacher will see about $158 added to their supplement, and a teacher with 30 years and national certification, for example, would see a $224 increase.

Carole Howell is a freelance writer: