Live in our town promises many happy returns

How special is Davidson? Those who live here may forget just how special it is.

Last weekend I experienced three reminders that we live in a unique town.

As book club host this month, I email reminders to all members. My list includes several former members who have moved away.

One moved to China and then to St. Louis. She emailed how much she wanted to reconnect with her Davidson friends and feel the town's serenity again. Having access to airline standby tickets, I called her and encouraged her to try to get on a flight to lovely Davidson and surprise everyone.

Fellow book club members jumped from chairs as she entered. We talked the entire evening about our town. Boarding the plane to Missouri, she said she will move "back home" within the next two moves.

Friday another Davidsonian family returned that has lived outside the U.S. with job transfers. They visited in November to enjoy the weather, play golf and reconnect with friends. My husband and I told them about the new shops, grocery store and nearby schools. During the Chicago winter, they decided to move "back home" to Davidson.

Having sold their house the week before, they got in the car and prepared to buy a dream house here. They remind me of Davidson's serenity, charm, warmth and cosmopolitan aspect. They are thrilled to meet successful, educated people who engage in genuine conversations. They are at peace being "back home," and their children are excited to experience the life their parents have told them about for 15 years.

And finally, almost a year ago, a young couple called to see a house I had listed for sale in Davidson. Intrigued by their personal story, I met them, showed them around and had lunch at The Soda Shoppe. On June 3 they returned to find a home in Davidson.

The story began more than two years ago, when the South African couple, then living in the United Kingdom, began an internet search of U.S. East Coast cities to begin a new chapter in their lives. Traveling from Florida to New York, they focused on Davidson. I, too, have traveled and lived several places in the world, and I can see our town through their eyes. With their business moved, they are leasing a house here. Their son will begin school here in the fall.

Thank you, Davidson visitors: You reaffirm what we all know: Davidson is a magical place to live.