Alley trash service to stay

The town's new trash hauler, Advanced Disposal, has agreed to service all alleyways and is drafting a waiver letter to send to affected homeowners associations for their approval, a town official said Friday.

Advanced Disposal was scheduled to contact HOAs on Friday, Huntersville Town Management Assistant Bobby Williams said.

The town has posted an update on its website that says the waiver letter will work similar to the agreements Waste Management had with homeowners associations. Advanced Disposal takes over collection service on Thursday.

Advanced Disposal's goal is to have letters to all affected HOAs as soon as possible so they can be reviewed and completed before Thursday, the town's website posting says.

"We thank affected HOAs for their patience as the town has worked with Advanced Disposal to ensure collection in alleyways continues," the posting says.

Four Macaulay subdivision residents pleaded with the Huntersville Board of Commissioners at their meeting Monday night to continue alley pickup.

Their concern was if alley service ended, it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for elderly residents to roll their containers each week down the alleys and then around to the main street to get them in front of their homes. Various subdivisions have such alleys with driveways.

Fencing, walls and narrow spaces between homes in some subdivisions make it hard to roll the containers along the side of homes to the front, residents said.

The town's contract with Advanced Disposal calls for "curbside pickup," the same language in the town's contract with current hauler Waste Management, Town Manager Greg Ferguson told the Huntersville Board of Commissioners.

"Curbside" essentially eliminates alleys, but Waste Management agreed to alley service if a subdivision's homeowners association signed over a lease allowing such collection, Ferguson said.