Tavern at the Mills offers food and fun

While some businesses have been in Cabarrus County for decades, others come and go quickly.

I am always on the lookout for new shops, new restaurants and new places. After a business closes, it's amazing how rapidly a new one opens in its place.

I especially love when a new restaurant opens; it gives me a good reason to eat out. One such restaurant I plan on trying is Tavern at the Mills.

"I always wanted to own a restaurant/bar of my own, for as long as I can remember," owner David Young said. "A local place that people can go to and have an appetizer, a meal or just a drink and hang out."

Not a franchise

A Charlotte native, Young said Tavern at the Mills is a friendly place where the employees get to know the customers. It is not a franchise like other restaurants along Concord Mills Boulevard.

"We opened on ... May 4 and have been doing great ever since," Young said. "It is great being right across the street from North Carolina's No. 1 tourist attraction, Concord Mills Mall."

Award-winning chef Jeffery Oliveri cooks a delectable feast of dishes, and the bartenders serve a wide selection of local brews, wine and a full bar. You can watch any of the 18 flat-screen or two 120-inch projection televisions.

Pamela Wood-Plesz became a Tavern at the Mills regular after her fiancé found out about it.

"He was at Wal-Mart, and he saw the sign that said they were open, so he went in," Wood-Plesz said. "He called me and said that we needed to go back there that night, because the atmosphere was very appealing and the staff was very nice.

"So we went back that night and had dinner. The food was delicious. My fiancé and I go there at least two times a week and have almost had everything on the menu. There is nothing on the menu that is not good."

Special events

It seems something is always going on at the Tavern. It offers fifty-cent wings on Tuesdays and has ladies' night on Thursdays, with half-price martinis and karaoke. Then on Friday and Saturday nights there is live music inside or at the outdoor gazebo.

The Tavern also has UFC nights whenever an Ultimate Fighting Championship event is on TV. Even Chef Robert Irvine from The Food Network enjoyed Tavern at the Mills when he brought his family for dinner.

"We are where (The Little Dooey Barbecue and Blues) used to be, but we changed everything about the place. Come on down and check us out," said Young.