Redesigning your home and marriage

Tim and Christina Lewis consider themselves artistic redesigners.

Christina has a passion for helping people love coming home to a beautiful house. She loves to use what people already have and rethink spaces, rearrange pieces, repurpose treasures, recycle resources and redesign a home.

Tim loves to help couples redesign their marriages by learning how to love each other well.

"It takes practice and commitment," he said. Tim can help couples tackle marriage challenges together, whether they are newly married or have been together for years.

Together, the dynamic Lewis duo helps couples learn how to love coming home. But in this economy, redesigning a home or working on marriage issues might not be a priority. Tim and Christina are keenly aware that people might not be able to afford their services.

They have come up with a creative solution; the two have started accepting creative forms of payment.

"Do not let moolah stop you from living and loving better," they said.

"We believe home is the most important place in the world. We want to make the world more beautiful and more peaceful, one home at a time."

A painter paid them in trade, helping them paint walls they did not have a ladder to reach. A teacher paid with a Target gift certificate she had received as an end-of-the-year gift from the students in her class.

The Lewises have fans who believe in what they do. A married couple who learned how to live and love well from the Lewises want to support what they are doing. So the couple pays the Lewises to cook for them because they cannot come up with any more projects for them.

Because Tim and Christina are all about living well on less, they allow that mantra to flow into their professional lives as well. A small-business owner who is also a client wanted to support what the Lewises are doing. So he paid for his sessions by giving Tim office space where he can meet clients.

People also give generously to the Lewises so it will be paid forward to those who need their services but might not be able to afford them. A local big-business owner paid the Lewises $300 per hour with the understanding they would offer their services to a person unable to pay.

A now-happily married couple who are former clients also made a generous donation to Love Coming Home, so that others with less could learn to live in peace and love.

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