Mount Pleasant librarian retires

The Mount Pleasant Library truly belongs to its community, because it is the result of the vision and hard work of the people who live here.

For years before the library opened in 1996, a group led by Fred Morrison and Ralph Austin worked hard to make their dream of a library become reality. They met with county library officials, made plans and solicited funding from corporations and local residents who gave what they could and doctors who donated the land.

When the Mount Pleasant Library opened Aug. 26, 1996, Kate Moore was in place as library manager.

Now, 14 years later, the only library manager the Mount Pleasant Library has known is retiring. Her last official work day will be Aug. 31.

Moore had been hired just 10 days earlier, but had been hoping for the job for more than a year. In 1994, she had moved to Concord from Charlotte, where she was an assistant library manager. She was growing tired of the commute to Charlotte, and when she heard Mount Pleasant was building a library, she knew she wanted the job.

Moore and assistant manager Carol Blair, who Moore hired about 10 days after the library opened, are the heart and soul of the Mount Pleasant Library. You can tell they love working together, that they love their work, and that they love to help patrons.

There's a wonderful small-town feeling at the Mount Pleasant Library. Moore and Blair will help you find a book, whether the problem is one of location or of not knowing what to read. Moore says this is the joy of being a small-town librarian: you get to know people.

Moore says she will miss the children she's come to know and love at the library. It was important to her, from the beginning, to establish a great program for children, and she loves story time. She says she had to learn to be silly (especially in front of the parents), but now she's comfortable singing and playing for her audience, and the children love being at the library. The joy Moore feels when a child gives her a hug and calls her "Ms. Cake" is something Moore says she will always treasure.

Moore is looking forward to new adventures in retirement. She plans to take classes, tutor, travel and finally have a chance to sit down and read a book.

There will be a farewell reception at the library Aug. 26 from 3-7 p.m. Stop by to say thank you and goodbye to someone who really belongs to all of us..