Bluegrass Friday night

Tables covered in jellies and jams are pushed to the walls, along with barrels of old-fashioned candy, to make room for rows of chairs at the E.H. Montgomery General Store.

It's a Friday night, and it's time for bluegrass.

It's a weekly tradition: Bluegrass musicians come to jam at the general store in the historic mining town of Gold Hill in southern Rowan County.

Proprietor Vivian Hopkins and her husband, Glenn "Hoppy" Hopkins, run the store. They began hosting the jams after retiring from the bluegrass music festival circuit six years ago.

On any given Friday night, 10 to 20 musicians come from across the state play round-robin style.

Often drenched in sweat from their musical effort, the pickers trail out of the general store at the end of the night, each with promises to return the next week.