Sisters lead Tigers to back-to-back golf titles

Two years ago, Mount Pleasant High didn't even have a girls' golf team. Since then, thanks to the Mirovich sisters, the team has done much more than just exist.

With the guidance of Rebecca, a senior, and Lacy, a sophomore, the Tigers have won two South Piedmont Conference titles in two years. This season, Lacy placed third at the league tournament while Rebecca finished fourth.

Not bad for a couple of players who just started playing golf a year-and-a-half ago.

Chased away from their River Ridge, La., home by Hurricane Katrina, the Miroviches moved to Mount Pleasant in 2006.

Rebecca grew up as a softball and basketball player. She barely remembers the few times she tried golfing with her father as a young child.

In the spring of 2009, on a whim, Rebecca invited her father to play a round of golf. She played so well that her father encouraged her to talk with Mount Pleasant boys' golf coach Randy Kaiser about joining the team.

The boys' season was half over and the girls' team was still about six months from existing. Understanding she probably wouldn't be scoring, Rebecca joined the boys' squad anyway.

"At first I was kind of nervous because they were better than me," said Rebecca. "I knew a lot of the players from school and they started to try to help me out a lot."

Pleased with her short game at the time, Rebecca's average nine-hole score during those early months was in the low 50s. She picked up some juniors tournaments after her sophomore year and by the time the fall girls' season rolled around, Rebecca was shooting in the mid-40s.

In the 2009 summer, Lacy accompanied her sister to the golf course one day. By the time the school year began, they were discussing plans to play on the inaugural girls' golf team with a few other students.

Lacy opened the season shooting in the high 40s and low 50s. A notorious perfectionist like her sister, Lacy practiced every chance she had and had sliced about five strokes off her average by the end of the season.

The Tigers finished at the top of the regular-season standings. With Rebecca taking second place as an individual, Mount Pleasant also won the SPC tournament.

Rebecca and Lacy both qualified for regionals last year and Rebecca went on to advance to the 1A/2A/3A state tournament. At Pinehurst's Longleaf Golf Course, Rebecca shot two identical rounds of 97 and placed 51st out of 78 golfers.

This past summer, the Miroviches became regulars on two local juniors tours: the Peggy Kirk Bell Tour and the Tarheel Youth Golf Association.

At a TYGA par-three tournament at Pinehurst's Pinewild Country Club in July, Rebecca finished second while Lacy placed fourth.

The sisters are still adjusting to the rigors of playing the standard 18 holes as opposed to the nine-hole high school format.

"I don't have it in me to finish 18 holes" strongly, said Lacy. "My sister even says that I'm not strong enough to finish it out."

The Miroviches have a strong sisterly rivalry, but they don't hesitate to offer each other tips as well.

They consistently finished in the top five in the SPC regular season matches. With teammates Tyler McClellan, Blair McClellan, Paige Anderson and Ashley Blanton all scoring throughout the season, the Tigers easily won their second straight title.

Rebecca finished second, shooting 79, at last week's 1A/2A/3A regionals. Lacy shot a 112. Rebecca qualified for the state tournament Monday and Tuesday at Longleaf Golf Club in Southern Pines.