Mooresville to study curbside recycling options

Three Mooresville commissioners will study proposals from private haulers for its first curbside recycling program.

The study will help determine whether the town is financially better off contracting for the service or collecting recyclables itself.

Steve Husemann, whose final day as town manager is Tuesday, recommended at last week's Mooresville Board of Commissioners meeting that Mayor Chris Montgomery appoint a subcommittee to examine the proposals and the payment and other options for curbside recycling.

Commissioners Mac Herring, Mitch Abraham and Rhett Dusenbury will serve on the subcommittee with a member of the citizen environmental protection committee.

The subcommittee will analyze whether curbside recycling should be provided and charged townwide or only to those who subscribe. It also will study whether people should pay for it on annual tax bills or monthly utility bills or directly to a private contractor, if one is hired.

Husemann recommended the subcommittee report to the full board at its Jan. 18 regular meeting at the town hall, 413 N. Main St.

In recent years, the town has picked up recycling in several subdivisions as a pilot project. Last year the town surveyed residents online about curbside recycling. In September, Husemann presented a plan in which residents would pay $36 a year for the town to pick up recyclables every two weeks.