People from 3 counties plan new Catholic school

Parents, friends and families from north Mecklenburg, south Iredell and west Cabarrus counties are working together to bring a Catholic high school to this area.

The plan is to open Christ the King High School in August.

A meeting will be at 7 p.m. Thursday at the St. Therese Parish Life Center, 217 Brawley School Road, Mooresville, for anyone interested: parents, family, future students and friends. Everyone will get a sense of what the new school will be and will have a chance to meet all the people involved.

All faiths are welcome at this new school.

Cornelius resident Laura Hogan is part of the group working to make the school a reality. Her son Danny graduated from Charlotte Catholic High School in south Charlotte, and her daughter, Shannon, is a senior there. She plans to send her son Danny to the new high school.

"We had a great experience at CCHS, but it's just the distance," Hogan said. "The day is longer than it needs to be (with the travel time and after-school activities). We need to have a school up here; it's long overdue. We need to make this happen.

"The parents are on fire," she said, "and they will make this happen."

Hogan said one of the main things she liked about her children attending Charlotte Catholic will continue at the new high school.

"Everyone is one big family," she said. "You're instantly welcome, instantly have something in common with everyone."

A lot of people have done a lot of work to get the school going and enrollment is growing. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte brought in Dan Dolan as project developer. Dolan is meeting with committees, prospective families and parishes and is visiting faith formation classes. At Thursday's meeting, Dolan will answer questions on such subjects as busing, athletic programs, financial aid and technology programs and even some questions that have not been addressed at past meetings.

As for where the school will be located, a couple of sites for a temporary school have been identified, and several possible permanent sites have been found.

"The preferred option would be to put temporary facilities on the permanent location, if at all possible," Dolan said. "... Timing is the key."

One question that is still under discussion is the new school's mascot and colors. Dolan firmly believes that "it should be the privilege and responsibility of the first class of students to help establish the school identity, including the school mascot and colors. ... This also gives them a greater say in their educational experience than (in) elementary school."

If there is enough interest, the school will open with freshman and sophomore classes and will add another class each year until the school has freshman through senior classes. It is anticipated that the permanent building will accommodate 600 students, but the land available on the potential permanent sites is considered "generous enough to be flexible," Dolan said.

Hogan said, "The kids need this school up here. We parents just need to step up to the plate and step up in faith and make this happen for them."

For more information, visit or contact Dan Dolan at or 704-370-3355.

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