Teams, officials look to regroup after last week's winter storm

Last week's snow and ice storm had a big impact on high school athletics across Cabarrus County.

With schools closed the entire week, games and practices had to be suspended, leaving coaches without irreplaceable teaching time as South Piedmont Conference play gets heated with less than a month left in the regular season.

The winter storm also left athletic directors scrambling to find ways to reschedule games and meets that had to be postponed.

"What's making it more difficult is that we're going into exams," said Mount Pleasant athletic director Gary Calamari late last week.

Cabarrus County Schools doesn't allow teams to practice or play after 6 p.m. on the day before exams are scheduled, so athletic directors had to work around those restrictions.

Exams were slated to begin Jan. 12, so teams scheduled accordingly, leaving Jan. 11 open on their schedules for the most part and not holding other events.

But with exams now planned for Jan. 18-21, game and meets held through Jan. 20 will be affected.

The school district has allowed schools to split varsity and JV basketball games to allow schools to finish early. Games have to start at 2 p.m. to guarantee that, but it is feasible with high schools getting out at 12:30 p.m. during exams.

Re-test exam days, which are scheduled for Jan. 22 and 24, don't hold the same restrictions regular exams have, so teams can play and practice normally starting Saturday.

Because of the restrictions that come with exams and the busy schedule SPC teams hit the last three weeks of the regular season, teams have had to quickly regroup after the unexpected five-day break.

This could affect a large majority of athletes - ranging from wrestlers who saw their rigorous workouts disrupted to basketball players who may have lost momentum after the long period of inactivity.

But with an all-Cabarrus County league, the playing field might have stayed leveled.

"We've had the same number of days off," said Calamari.

"Everybody's in the same disadvantage."