Send us your summer camps information

As a parent, I understand the importance of planning your child's summer activities. As a service to parents, the Observer's Sunday Neighbors sections will publish the annual summer camps list on March 6.

Today we invite organizations that sponsor summer camps to be included in our print publication and our searchable online database.

Organizations can start today entering your information online at

We've published our compilation of summer camps for more than a decade, and each year we receive hundreds of entries. This year, we will keep the database active into June.

That will allow organizations to add to the list throughout the spring. And parents can stay informed on what's new.

Organizations can list as many programs online as they want. However, there is a limit to what can be published in the March 6 printed space. All organizations are limited to no more than 50 programs in print. Please understand: That number may be reduced based on the overall number of participants we receive. Last year we had more than 700 participating camps.

So, as you enter your camps online, please list your highest-priority camps first. Those are the ones that will be considered for the March 6 print edition. The print deadline is Feb. 18.

We've simplified the form this year. When you go online to enter a camp, there will be fewer questions. Please fill in answers to each of the questions.

Also, each organization must be responsible for entering its camps. That's the only way it will be included in the news section of the print publication.

Finally, for questions, contact me at 704-358-6048 or e-mail

Our goal is to provide parents with a database and published list of camps that helps you select the right camps for your children based on safety, activities, costs and other factors.

We look forward to your participation.