Girl Scouts

At a ceremony May 15 at Queens University of Charlotte, the Girl Scout Hornets' Nest Council honored the Gold Award winners for the region. The Gold Award is the Girl Scouts' highest recognition, awarded to members who lead a project that benefits their community.

The following Girl Scouts from the north Charlotte area have been named Gold Award recipients:

Katherine Barnett

Katherine Barnett, of Concord, is the daughter of Linda and Brad Barnett. Katherine was concerned about safety issues, so her project, Safety for Teens, focused on safety and self defense. Katherine arranged for self defense classes for local high schools. To conclude her project, she worked with the Boys and Girls club to create skits that emphasized safety acting out areas of concern from interacting with strangers to saying no to drugs.

Mollie Calloway

Mollie Calloway, of Concord, is the daughter of Kimberly and Andrew Calloway. Mollie's project, Literature Group Novel Recordings, was to create books on tape for at-risk elementary children. She recruited friends to help record the books for Beverly Hills Elementary School third and fourth grade reading levels.

Cameron Crump

Cameron Crump, of Charlotte, is the daughter of Marilyn and Carlton Crump. Cameron's Gold project focused on the Harvest Center, a local shelter. Cameron said people always seem to feed the needy but forget that the people wear the same clothing for years. She recruited friends to help canvass donations. More than 100 outfits were collected. Cameron was really touched by how appreciative everyone at the shelter was of her efforts.

Brianna Fassett

Brianna Fassett, of Concord, is the daughter of Melissa and Mark Fassett. For her project, Cabarrus Spay Neuter Clinic, Brianna drew on her passion for animals to encourage community support and raise awareness about the clinic and the low-cost services it provides to control the pet population. Brianna's passion has inspired the Brownie troop to continue to hold drives for the Cabarrus Spay Neuter Clinic.

Isabel Fee

Isabel Fee, of Charlotte, is the daughter of Tracey and David Fee. Persistence paid off for Isabel with her inaugural art program at Aldersgate Assisted Living Center. Isabel and her team led art classes for residents of the assisted living center to address the need for cognitive stimulation for older citizens who are secluded from the rest of the community and have limited resources. Aldersgate recruited her to develop more art programs.

Chelsea Fried

Chelsea Fried, of Concord, is the daughter of Carol and Curtis Fried. She held an art show for younger Girl Scouts in her community. The Cadettes came earlier in the afternoon, where Chelsea taught them how to paint a fish. This taught the girls that even though they all painted similar fish, each one was beautiful in a different way, helping to emphasize their own uniqueness and specialness.

Molly Marie Frye

Molly Frye, of Concord, is the daughter of Margaret and Donnie Frye. For her Gold Award project, Molly led a group of kindergarten age children through Faith Formation classes at her church, lasting several months. She recruited other members of the church to help teach the children. The children gained a greater insight into their religion by learning praise and worship songs, learning about the rosary and touring the facility.

Catherine Howell

Catherine Howell, of Charlotte, is the daughter of Maria and John Howell. For her project, Positive Influence of Dance, with Confidence, Catherine held a dance camp for other girls in an effort to build higher self esteem and confidence in girls ages 10-14. Catherine recruited friends and troop members to help teach the younger girls.

Kelby Hurlocker

Kelby Hurlocker, of Mt. Pleasant, is the daughter of Sandra and Tim Hurlocker. Kelby grew up in Girl Scout troops at Cold Springs United Methodist Church, where she enjoyed many meetings and events in the Scout Hut there. The building was built in 1989 but little had been done to update or improve the building since then, so Kelby enlisted the help of church members, her troop, and others to renovate the building. Kelby painted grass and silhouettes of Girl Scouts having fun along the lower half of the walls.

Jana Loos

Jana Loos, of Kannapolis, is the daughter of Brenda Thomas and David Loos. Jana's project, Saving Lives through Awareness and Education, culminated in a day-long event that featured food, music, and information from various community organizations including animal rescue, breast cancer awareness, organ donation, and testimonials from people who have turned their lives around through faith.

Megan Lord

Megan Lord, of Charlotte, is the daughter of Jill and Bill Lord. Megan's project, Books First! Book Collection, focused on collecting books for low income children. Megan and her friends brainstormed ways to collect books and placed barrels in their churches, schools and neighborhoods. More than 800 books were collected for Books First!, an organization that distributes new and gently used books to schools around the country with limited resources.

Brittany Morris

Brittany Morris, of Concord, is the daughter of Sandy and Tommy Morris. Brittany's project was entitled, "Twilight Camp, Fun with Food." For her project, Brittany and her volunteers ran a twilight camp during the summer for Girl Scout Brownies and Juniors to make girls aware of healthy options for food. Brittany tells us she chose this topic because she loves food.

Olivia Osborne

Olivia Osborne, of Charlotte, is the daughter of Veda and Walter Osborne. For her Gold Award project, Olivia coordinated a Valentine's Social for The Laurels, a retirement nursing home community. Olivia is very attached to The Laurels because of the fond memories she and her grandfather shared while he was a resident there.

Bansari Patel

Bansari Patel, of Charlotte, is the daughter of Daxa and Nagesh Patel. Bansari chose to focus on diversity for her Gold Award project by Spreading the culture of India. Since her roots are from India, Bansari wanted to share some of her traditions with girls in her local community. Bansari held a series of events for younger Girl Scouts, where she and her volunteers led various activities for the younger girls.

Kaitlin Simpson

Kaitlin Simpson, of Concord, is the daughter of Susan and Joseph Simpson. Kaitlin's project, Reading and Cataloging for BHES, helped the students at Beverly Hills Elementary School learn to read English. With over a dozen volunteers and working with the school's intervention specialist, Kaitlin organized a system to record and catalogue more than 50 books for various reading levels at the school. Each book was packaged in a bag that contained the CD.

Shannon Standish

Shannon Standish, of Charlotte, is the daughter of Ellen and William Standish. For her project, Shannon created her own design build firm, Celtic Construction, to create and build the low challenge course shelter at Oak Springs. The shelter includes both a storage area and seating area where girls will process their challenge course experience. In addition, Shannon created butterflies made from recycled aluminum cans and hung them from the rafters of the shelter. Shannon's project was inspired by the teamwork and camaraderie that girls experience while participating in challenge courses.

Maggie Teten

Maggie Teten, of Charlotte, is the daughter of Virginia Rappold and Carl Teten. A student at Mallard Creek High School, Maggie organized a beautification project at her school. Maggie selected plantings that would endure the dramatic changes in weather and inattention of students while school is not in session. The renovation of this area provided the students and staff with a beautifully landscaped area containing a butterfly garden, low maintenance shrubs and plants and a stone pathway to facilitate traffic through the area. With continued maintenance transitioned to the school janitorial staff, the students and faculty continue to enjoy the garden.