Police offer tips after coyotes sighted on greenway

What should you do if you're walking your child or dog on the McDowell Creek Greenway and you come upon a pack of coyotes?

Face them, yell at them, throw something at them, Cornelius police Capt. Kevin Black advises.

Police have been urging caution to users of the trail that covers parts of Cornelius and Huntersville since recent sightings of the animals.

The latest reported sighting came May 30, when a resident walking a dog encountered several coyotes while coming from the Birkdale area toward the Alexander Chase neighborhood along the greenway, Cornelius police Lt. David Baucom said in a phone message alert to local homes and businesses.

"These animals can be aggressive and very unpredictable," Baucom said. "If you use the greenway system, you should be cautious if you encounter these animals, especially if you have pets or small children with you."

Police contacted N.C. Wildlife officials, but Baucom said any solution will take time. "There are no short-term solutions," he said. Police haven't reported any injuries from the encounters.

Black said make sure your dog is leashed so you can keep it close to you, should you encounter coyotes.

Don't run from coyotes, he said. The best thing to do is throw something at them, make noise and wave your arms to scare them away, he said.