Mooresville considers 'wayfinding' signs

The town is considering its first "wayfinding" signs to better guide visitors to such key downtown destinations as the Charles Mack Citizen Center, the town hall, the Depot Arts District and Mitchell Community College's Mooresville campus.

Mooresville Planning Director Tim Brown recently unveiled a budget projection of $71,200 for 20 wayfinding signs and two interstate highway signs in the first year of the proposed wayfinding sign program.

The wayfinding signs would cost $3,400 each and the interstate signs $1,600 each, Brown said at a May 31 workshop of the Mooresville Board of Commissioners and the Mooresville Planning Board.

Town planners recommend the second year of the program include eight "Welcome to Mooresville" corporate limit signs at $2,700 each, or a total of $21,600.

Brown said costs of the wayfinding and other signs could be offset by private donations from local civic groups.

Planners also have included in the program two large "Welcome to Mooresville" gateway signs flanked by stone columns but didn't include them for funding in the program's first two years.

The two large gateway signs would cost $71,000 each, and Brown recommended deferring construction of the signs until significant development happens along the Langtree Road corridor south of downtown and around Cornelius Road north of downtown.

The budget also doesn't include seven directional signs that planners recommend for pedestrians downtown. Those would cost $2,100 apiece, or $14,700 total, Brown said. It's possible the Mooresville Downtown Commission could consider paying for those signs, he said.

Historic markers are also being proposed as a separate project, Brown said, and would be funded by the Mooresville Historic Preservation Commission. Planners said they hope the Mooresville Board of Commissioners will consider including money for the first year of the wayfinding sign program in the budget for fiscal 2011-12, which starts July 1.