Area dancer takes first shot at reality TV fame

Cornelius resident Sammy Warnement has been dancing since she was 2 1/2 years old. When we met, she had on her favorite T-shirt, which reads "Real men date dancers."

The first time she saw "So You Think You Can Dance," Sammy knew she had to be on the TV show.

She can name past seasons' performers and who danced with whom, and she has been to see the casts from three different seasons perform. This is the first year she was eligible to try out.

"SYTYCD" is a reality-type TV show where contestants compete by doing various styles of dance.

The tryouts were in Atlanta. On audition day, Sammy said, she arrived at the theater at 7 a.m. She waited in line outside for the next three hours. At 10 a.m. the contestants were allowed to go and sit in the theater.

Waiting in line, she said, "People were dancing in the streets.... The camera crew was moving around, filming people they were interested in," she said.

Inside, the producer introduced the two guest judges and told the dancers what was going to happen during the audition. Ten dancers of a particular style, such as jazz, would be called up to be evaluated.

While waiting in the audience, Sammy said, "Everyone's really supportive of each other. The people sitting beside me had tried out three times. ... They told me how things were set up and gave me advice."

The judges called up 10 dancers of the same style, who lined up on stage. Dancers performed one at a time until told to stop.

Then they lined up again, and the producer and judges talked about the dancing. Then the dancers either "got a golden ticket (through to the next round), were told to try again or (were) told to leave," Sammy said.

"There were some amazing dancers who didn't make it," she said. "The first group of dancers, who were all really good ... was told to sit down and try again because they were all so bad, which they weren't."

Sammy said she got to dance "about 20 seconds" and then went home.

For next time, she said, she "learned that I need to be very relaxed. I almost didn't go through the doors to audition, I was so nervous. And I never get nervous."

The next auditions are in the fall, and Sammy will be there.

Thank you

The past three weeks, I have left lots of trash, branches and yard waste on the curb for the people at Republic Services to pick up.

There have been cars in the way of the trash can, and the branches weren't really piled up correctly.

The wonderful people at Republic, however, have taken care of me and my neighbors and made sure everything was cleaned up. I've even seen them move trash cans to be able to empty them.

Thank you for keeping Cornelius clean.