Boat names often make statements

What's in a boat name?

"A Yacht of Fun," "Knot Working" and "Seas the Day" are not misspelled; they're names of boats.

Naming a vessel gives the owner the opportunity to make a statement, whether it's serious or just fun. Some names have hidden or double meanings, while with others the intent isn't quite as obvious. Each takes thought and originality.

Names like "Wind Dancer," "Wind Weaver," "Second Wind," "Three Sheets to the Wind" and "Blew Bayou" are often on the transoms of sailboats. Fishing boats get tagged with names like "Reel Time," "Reel Music," "Reel Lady," "Reel Busy" and "Meals on Reels."

Then there are others, such as "Fish Tales," "Fishtration," "The One That Got Away," "Sword Dancer," "Catch 22" and "Get the Net."

Some are named after fictional vessels, such as the "Pequod," Herman Melville's whaling ship that sailed the seven seas in search of Moby Dick. Another, named "Orca," was the name of the movie fishing boat that was sunk by a great white shark named "Jaws."

The sailboat "Leakin' Lena" took the cartoon characters Beanie and Cecil (a sea serpent) on one adventure after another in the early '60s.

Boat owners often recycle names of real ships. A few popular ones are "Santa Maria," "Mayflower," "PT 109," "USS Nautilus," "Bismarck" and "Robert E. Lee." The best-known ship of all time is probably the "Titanic," the British luxury liner with 1,517 passengers aboard that struck an iceberg and sank to the ocean bottom in 1912.

A lady named Patty labeled her pontoon boat "The Patty Wagon." Another, probably a guy new to boating, labeled his cruiser "Harvey Dock Banger." There is a houseboat with the unique name "What's Left."

Others, such as "Fish and Chicks," "Knot on Call," "Your Ad Here," "Grumpy Bear," "The Dog House" and "Got Debt?" say something about the boat owner.

Finally, the "SS Minnow" of "Gilligan's Island" fame brings to mind the hapless and sometimes funny things that happen on the water. And there must be more Gilligans out there, or we wouldn't see boats with names like "Hope It Floats," "High n Dry," "Towed a Lot." "Bottom Bumper" and "Hull Buster."

Boat names are a dime a dozen, but each boat has a slip at the dock. When you have a little time, think of a name that will best suit the yacht you are dreaming about buying.

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