Almost anything signals luck to anglers

Recently, an angler caught a rather small fish. When asked what he was going to do with it, he replied, "Keep it! I don't want to throw back my good luck."

The words "luck" and "fishing" go hand in hand. Sometimes fishing luck is good, and other times it's bad. When you land a big one, you are lucky, but when you lose a fish, bad luck - never the angler - is to blame.

Luck is often used as a crutch to cover up when things go wrong. That might be OK though, since most of the time fishing is for fun, anyway.

Fishing lore has it that certain scenarios create luck, some good and some bad. For instance, there's catching a fish on the first cast in the morning. That should count as good luck, but most of the time, fishing is slow the rest of the day.

On the other hand, if you wear a lucky hat or shirt, your fishing luck may be good until you either wash it or lose it. Then there are lucky rods, lures, boats and fishermen.

If you want to guarantee a terrible day, bring a banana in your lunch bag. It doesn't matter how many; it takes only one. Peanuts have the same effect.

The color green might be lucky to some, but it's not for fishermen. Seldom does one see a green fishing boat. The darker the green, the more unlucky it is.

In the old days, spitting tobacco juice on a hook was good luck. Today, TV fishing hosts profess that kissing a fish before it is released improves your luck.

Fishing offshore, your luck improves when you see a man-o'-war bird circling overhead, but luck turns bad when a school of porpoise swim nearby.

Closer to home, when cows are feeding in a pasture, the fishing will be good. But if the cows are lying down, fishing luck will likely be bad.

The ringing of an alarm clock sometimes indicates the kind of luck you'll have. You may catch lots of fish if you hear it and get up, but it is very unlucky to oversleep and miss the start of an early morning fishing trip.

On the whole, if you are lucky enough to be fishing, you are lucky enough!

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