Smell that? It's a new bakery with New York roots

There is nothing like the smell of a bakery - it is like an aroma unlike anything else.

The scrumptious scent of sweet homemade pastries, creamy icing on warm cupcakes and bread baked fresh from the oven can make anyone's mouth water. Can you smell it yet?

Well now you can taste it as well: Many of these homemade baked goods are available daily at a new bake shop appropriately called Dough.

Located in Afton Village, Dough is a family business owned jointly by chef Dawn Adinolfe, her husband Brian, and parents Tom and Theresa Zbikowski.

"Our concept was to recreate the corner bakery we grew up with, where you could get fresh-baked treats including muffins, scones, cookies and cakes and especially our signature buttery crumb cake," Brian said.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting this talented family and tried the crumb cake. It was the absolute best crumb cake I have ever tasted just the way this native New Yorker likes it.

Originally from New Jersey, Dawn and Brian moved to North Carolina in 2002 to be closer to family. A graduate of the Institute for Culinary Education in New York City, Dawn trained with many well-known chefs and has baked at various four-star restaurants. She also graduated first in her class and it shows in the special care she takes when baking.

"One of the things that sets us apart from other bakeries is the fact that everything at Dough is made fresh, not just baked fresh like other bakeries claim," Dawn said. "All the baking starts out as butter, sugar, flour, etc. Everything is made from scratch and baked for that day, using fresh local produce."

For the past three years, before they opened Dough, this family of entrepreneurs was selling their baked good at various farmers markets. They acquired a big following and decided to search for a retail location to open up a shop. After looking around for several months, Afton Village was chosen.

"It's a great location and I love the crumb cake. It's more crumb than cake. I felt like I was in a New York bakery. Also, everyone there was so friendly," said customer Jeanie Cassel, who is from Long Island.