Shop to help battered women

There's at least one easy way to help victims of domestic violence: Stop by the new location for CVAN's Cool Used Stuff store.

The new store in Concord, located in front of the K-mart on Concord Parkway in the former Hollywood Movies store, includes a goodly number of things never seen in the old location.

Books and electronics. Housewares and toys. Men's clothing, baby clothes and furniture that sells just as soon as it is displayed.

It's a whole new look: bigger, brighter and far more spacious.

It's all for the best of causes: The store profits go to assist battered women and their children.

Here, your dollars have an immediate impact on real people.

Domestic violence is far from unusual in our society. As many as one out of every four women have been the victims of domestic violence. According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, homicide is the leading cause of death for women on the job. One fifth of those women were murdered by their partners.

You can help take care of women and children who live in your own community by shopping here. You can bring donations or volunteer to sort clothing.