Yard sale will support Bible teaching

Besides math, science and English classes, many students at Cox Mill High School are learning about the Bible.

That's right. Responding to demand from students, the school now offers four Bible classes as electives: two on the Old Testament and two on the New Testament.

"Usually students take the class because their friend did or they hear there's not much homework," said Mike Dye, Bible teacher at Cox Mill. "But then they realize how much they learn, and they want to take the other Bible classes, too."

The course was born at the same time as the school.

"A group of parents who saw the value and importance of the Bible being taught in the public schools started the Cox Mill High School Bible Teaching Association in 2009, the summer before the first year of Cox Mill High," said association board member Carla Barber. "Our hope was that CMHS would have the same opportunity to have Bible classes offered - as an elective to students who wanted to - as so many of the schools in Cabarrus County have the privilege of doing."

Dye shared some of the comments he has heard from students.

"I really enjoyed learning about how the English Bible came to be what it is today. That it survived through all it did amazes me.... how many different languages it had to be translated into ... or that it was first written and copied by hand. (A person) must really care about something to put that much time into it," said ninth-grader Carlie.

"I never knew that martyrs died for the Bible so that I could read it today," said Rachel, also in ninth grade.

"I can't believe how many people died for the English Bible," said 11th-grader Darren.

Dye said these two comments are among those most frequently offered by students:

"Church isn't like this. ... We get to really read what's in the Bible," and "I never knew all of these stories could be so interesting."

These classes can be funded only by money raised by the school's Bible association. Board members are continually working on fundraisers.

On Saturday, board members will have their annual yard sale fundraiser from 7 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Poplar Tent Presbyterian Church, on Poplar Tent Road in Concord. They are also planning on a Port-a-Pit chicken barbecue Nov. 5 at Odell Baptist Church.

For more information on how you can help, search Facebook for "Cox Mill Bible Teaching Association."