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National video contest: Three Cabarrus County elementary schools, Royal Oaks, Wolf-Meadow, and Coltrane-Webb, won cash prizes in the Big Lots, Lots2Give, Video Contest.

Thirty five schools in the U.S. received the Big Lot awards totaling $100,000. All participating schools in the Lots2Give program submitted videos to Big Lots explaining their specific use and reason for seeking financial support.

Principals from the winning schools were interviewed on Fox News. Royal Oaks received more than $5,400 and Wolf -Meadow and Coltrane-Webb, each, received more than $2,400.

Marching band: This summer, Cox Mill high marching band members participated in a commercial shoot promoting the new Showtime series "Homeland," a political thriller.

Filming was in Gastonia.

The band, The Spirit of Cox Mill, spent a day on the set with the crew.