Retiree's payout: $151,551

John Day, who resigned as Cabarrus County manager on Sept. 30, will earn $151,551 in compensation, plus benefits, during the nine months he will work for the county as management transition coordinator, according to information provided by the county.

The Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners met in closed session last week to finalize the transfer of leadership during the period between Day's recent retirement announcement and his departure from county employment on June 30.

As county manager, Day made $201,551 annually, including benefits, according to figures released by the county last week. As a consultant between now and June 30, he won't accrue vacation time, county spokeswoman Aimee Hawkins said.

Day, 50, will assist with the transition of county management to his permanent successor and may provide expertise on the county's sustainability projects, budgeting and litigation, according to Hawkins.

The county hired Day on Jan. 27, 1992. He became county manager July 21, 2003, succeeding Frank Clifton, who was fired in December 2002.

Interim county manager Mike Downs, also 50, will earn an annual salary of $140,000, which includes $5,000 for travel expenses.

Downs previously was deputy county manager over operations. He has worked for the county for 25 years.

As deputy county manager, Downs earned $122,700 plus $3,500 for travel, according to Hawkins.

Clifton, Day's predecessor, earned $127,170 per year as county manager in 2002.

As Clifton's deputy, Day earned $93,000 annually. His starting salary as county manager in 2003 was $135,000.