Team to discuss spirits they say haunt museum

Hamlet told Horatio that "there are more things in heaven and earth" than Horatio knew.

Apparently, there also may be more to the Eastern Cabarrus Historical Society Museum than anyone realized.

Last summer, a couple members of the Salisbury Paranormal Research team were driving through eastern Cabarrus County and ended up at the museum. After wandering through the building, they asked permission to return with their equipment and check for paranormal activity.

Donna Byrd, 51, co-founder and lead investigator of Salisbury Paranormal Research, explained the process of studying a possible haunting.

First, the team's psychic will see if she senses anything on the premises. Then Byrd and her team capture evidence of spirits with electronic devices, she said. Their purpose, she said, is to confirm what the psychic has picked up on and fill in the gaps of what she can sense.

When the team went to the museum in Mount Pleasant with their equipment, Byrd said, they captured a tremendous amount of EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon.

While they are recording, the team talks to the spirits, asking questions and trying to learn about them. Byrd explained that they hold a conversation with the spirits in real time, but it's not until they've had a chance to analyze their data that they discover what the spirits have said.

Byrd refers to the museum as an "intelligent haunting," meaning the spirits were aware of her team and gave intelligent responses to their questions. She said the spirits are happy to be there. Her team heard many male voices, some children and a woman - and, said Byrd, they all seem very nice.

While they were investigating in Mount Pleasant, the team also visited two private, historic homes, one with a well-known history of strange phenomena and rumors of a Yankee soldier killed there. Byrd said the EVP they picked up in that home sounded like people panicking and a woman screaming, "Get out!" Her team believes the soldier's spirit is still there, as is the spirit of the lady of the house.

The Salisbury Paranormal Research team will present its findings from the museum investigation and the two homes next Sunday.

All nine members of the investigative team plan to be there for the program, which will include video clips, still photos and audio playback. They'll also take questions.

Byrd said she looks forward to talking with skeptics, as long as they are open-minded and rational. After all, she said, she and her team are just trying to find out what else is out there.