Fixing Brawley's last leg to U.S. 21

The town's planning staff is exploring how to expand a nearly mile-long stretch of Brawley School Road that has no funding from the state.

In August, Rea Contracting of Charlotte finished widening the most traffic-clogged stretch of Brawley School Road from two to four lanes, from the Point community on Lake Norman to Williamson Road. Rea also added lanes on Williamson north and south from the Brawley intersection.

A second leg of Brawley, from Williamson to a spot just east of Talbert, is scheduled to be widened by summer 2013, according to the N.C. Department of Transportation. W.C. English Inc. of Lynchburg, Va., is the contractor on the second leg.

W.C. English also is building Interstate 77 Exit 35 on Brawley School Road, near Talbert Road.

That leaves a small stretch of the road - from near the intersection of Talbert to U.S. 21 - still to be widened.

The widening of Brawley School Road from near the Point community to Williamson cost about $25 million, according to the state's Brawley School Road website, while the stretch from Williamson to Talbert will cost about $22.6 million.

While the leg from Talbert to U.S. 21 is on the state's long-term list of projects, it has no funding, town officials said at a recent Mooresville Board of Commissioners meeting.

Commissioner Miles Atkins said residents along that third and final leg of Brawley deserve to have their part of the state-maintained road widened, too, especially because it is hilly and curvy.

At the Board of Commissioners meeting, Atkins asked town planning staff to report back on what can be done to widen the stretch sooner. Town staff will contact the N.C. Department of Transportation, he said.

Waste Pro opens regional base

Waste Pro, which began picking up the city's residential garbage and recycling in July, recently renovated a building at 185 Manor Ave. S.W. to serve as its regional operations base.

The building is part of the company's multi-million-dollar investment in Concord. It's also a significant environmental and aesthetic improvement on Manor Avenue, city spokesman Peter Franzese said.

The building has offices for management and space for vehicle maintenance and storage.

Waste Pro also brought an all-new fleet of trucks to serve Concord.