Toastmasters host open house

When Jay Nodine claims the podium, his unpredictable prose offers only one guarantee - laughter. Author of "Jay's Jokes," his deceptively fragile frame consistently produces strong tone, quick wit and lively response from the audience.

As executive director of the Goldmine Toastmasters Club, Nodine and his team are inviting the community to join them at their open house 8:30 a.m. Saturday at the Fairfield Inn on Cloverfield Plaza in Kannapolis to check out their "weekly communication learning and laughter lab."

"We have this reason why we get up on Saturday mornings," said Phyllis Kombol, another member. The reasons are social, learning and community building - "and we really like to laugh."

Goldmine Toastmasters Club members say they provide a supportive, learning environment to overcome that fear and master the skills of communication and leadership - and you're guaranteed to laugh a lot in the process.

Founded in 1959, Goldmine Toastmasters Club claims the title of oldest communication club in North Carolina. Its 25 members range in age, background and skill-level, and they offer a judgment-free zone to grow and make mistakes.

Serena Haneline, a younger group member, remembers when she first joined the club. "I was comfortable because I felt I was allowed to fail," she said.