School garden nationally certified

In a ceremony Nov. 9, Harris Road Middle School thanked students, staff and parents who helped get the school's habitat/garden area certified as a National Wildlife Federation Habitat/Garden Site.

And, at its regular meeting last week, the Cabarrus County Board of Education recognized everyone who participated in the project.

Teacher Heather Ayers started the project in early spring 2010 with the help of her sixth-grade science students.

The student volunteers worked on the project one to three hours each up to three days a week after school, parent volunteer Therese Euge said. It took about 3 1/2 months to complete.

They installed trees, roses, seven flower beds, two bird baths, three bird feeder stations and two seating areas, Euge said.

"It is now the most beautiful site on our school grounds," she said.

Student participants were Drew Brownfield, Chelsea Gigregorio, Rion Enright, John Euge, Dillon Ewert, Jake Fincher, Max Fincher, Taylor Hartsell, Imogen Howden, Tyler Kimes, Allen Kinley, Melanie Mills, Janica Postrella, Austin Schwab, Elizabeth "Lizzy" Sechler and Jill Williams.

Parents Lenora Barron, Therese Cvek-Euge, Corey Ewert, Brenda Fincher, Lori Kimes and John Schwab and school staff members Laura Pennell, LaShawn Summers, Luci Turner and Paul Wilhoit also participated. Joe Marusak