Help curb dumping

The city is receiving increased reports of out-of-town contractors and others illegally placing yard waste and tires, furniture, appliances and other bulky waste in front of residences, so they can have the items collected by the city for free.

"These folks are taking advantage of taxpaying citizens," Allen Scott, director of Concord's Solid Waste Services, said in a recent news release. "We are asking our citizens to help us by being on the lookout for this illegal behavior."

Residents should report illegal dumping to the Concord Customer Care Center at 704-920-5555. Include a vehicle description and license plate number, if possible.

In many cases, the property owner must pay to remove extra or haphazardly placed materials, even if someone else puts it in front of their property, Scott said.

Larry Mullis, president of the Gibson Village Neighborhood Association, is quoted in the news release as saying residents who attend each neighborhood association meeting are encouraged to report illegal dumping.

"We've seen piles of tires, shingles, construction debris and other things at several locations in the community, especially in front of vacant rental homes," he said.

Scott encourages city residents to call the Customer Care Center to schedule pickup of legitimate bulky waste. The city collects bulky and electronic waste on regular garbage days. People hould call at least two business days before regular pickup day.