County employees honored

Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners honored dozens of county employees for their years of service during a Dec. 19 ceremony in the Rotunda of the Cabarrus County Governmental Center.

Employees were honored for five to 35 years of service.

Here is a list of employees honored:

35 Years: James Polk, Social Services.

30 Years: John "David" Hampton, Emergency Medical Services.

25 Years: Michael Downs, County Manager; Douglas "Nolan" Gadd, County Sheriff; David Goforth, Cooperative Extension; Angelia Gray, Commerce; Dollie Joyner, Parks; Christine Marlowe, Human Resources; Carl Pless, Cooperative Extension.

20 Years: Sharon Brooks, Social Services; Joel "Dale" Hatley, General Services; Jeffrey "Scott" Mason, County Sheriff; Kay Measmer, Social Services; Michael Murphy, Senior Services; Jerry Myers, Commerce; Danny Powers, General Services.

15 Years: Luann Andrews, County Sheriff; Donald Anthony, Jail; Alan Ayscue, County Sheriff; Carol Blair, Mount Pleasant Library; Marie Davis, Social Services; Debra "Debbie" Dubnick, Social Services; Susan Fearrington, Finance; Carolyn "Renee" Long, Social Services; Mary McCants, Social Services; June Mucci, Information Services; Janice Oritz, Commerce; Joyce "Jo" Plummer, Social Services; Todd Shanley, Information Services; Heather Starnes, Sheriff Department; Joan Swaringen, Senior Services Kenneth Troutman, County Sheriff; Stephen Wagoner, County Sheriff; Caroline Williams, Tax Administration.

10 Years: Esther Adkins, Emergency Medical Services; Tammy Bare, Social Services; William "Bill" Birmingham, Tax Administration; Katherine Blackwelder, Concord Library; James Brown, General Services; Malia Bryngelson, Harrisburg Library; Douglas Buckner, Parks; Lisa Bunch, Social Services; Queen Burroughs, Senior Services; William "Will" Cannon, Emergency Medical Services; James Carriker, General Services; Irish "Maria" Cooper, Social Services; Zaida Cordero, Tax Administration; Todd Culp, Commerce; Michael Elliott, County Sheriff; Jason Gilmore, County Sheriff; Timothy Gray, Commerce; Susan Gray, Emergency Medical Services; Amy Griffith, Soil & Water Conservation; Angela Hamilton, General Services; Shelly Harwood, County Sheriff; Doris Hawkins, General Services; Teresa Hillie, Social Services; Connie Holmes, Social Services; Mark Hunt, County Sheriff; Athilda "Tillie" Jordan, Board of Elections; Nicky "Nick" Lambert, General Services; Frank Laroche, County Sheriff; Patricia Lowder, Harrisburg Library; William "Daniel" McClellan, Soil & Water Conservation; Christopher Measimer, County Sheriff; Lisa Mullis, Social Services; Jeffrey Penninger, Emergency Medical Services; Jason Reece, Information Services; Arlena "Lynn" Roberts, Commerce; Brian Schmitt, County Sheriff; Cyndi Smart, Senior Services; Robert "Bobby" Smith, Emergency Management; Tommy Troutman, General Services; Talanya Weaks, Social Services; Belinda Williamson, Register of Deeds.

5 Years: Anthony Anderson, General Services; Shannon Bartlett, Social Services; Jane "Ashley" Basinger, Social Services; Karla Billings, Emergency Medical Services; Jackie Bost, General Services; Lucia Callens, Social Services; Amanda "Michelle" Campbell, Social Services; Terry Cauble, General Services; Adam Cooper, Emergency Medical Services; Angela "Tasha" Crespo, County Sheriff; Karen Daniels, Social Services; Susan Domann, Senior Services; Jennifer Drisker, Social Services; Nicole Drummond, Social Services; Pedro Gavillan, County Sheriff; Rodney Gibson, Social Services; Lise Goldberg, Social Services; Tony Goodnight, General Services; Kathy Goodrich, Concord Library; Tony Harris, Risk Management; Graham Jarrell, County Sheriff; Connie Johnson, Social Services; Kameeleon Johnson, Social Services; Marcelette Joyner, Social Services; Loretta Keller, Social Services; Tonyi Laws, General Services; Brandi Ledbetter, Social Services; Felicia Lloyd, Social Services; Ruth Marshall, Social Services; Jonathan Maulden, Emergency Medical Services; Michelle Mayes, Social Services; Jermaine "JD" McClain, Social Services; Trinitia "Rochelle" McCrimmon, Social Services; Caroline McDonnell, Social Services; Taranda Miller, Social Services; Michael Miller, General Services; Sarimar Miller, Social Services; Saul Moose, General Services; Wyovonnia "Vonnie" Morgan, Social Services; Asocialyn "Sasha" Murphy-Holder, Social Services; Bonnie Nance, Tax Administration; Rhonda Oakes, Social Services; Matthew Pethel, County Sheriff; Jennifer Ramsey, Social Services; Marguerite Robinson, Senior Services; Matthew Sechler, Commerce Christie Smith, Kannapolis Library; Leon "Lee" Snuggs, Information Services; Virginia "Candy" Sot, Social Services; Douglas "Doug" Steele, Emergency Management; Joann Tomlin, Social Services; Lynn Torrence, Senior Services; Aaron Tuttle, County Sheriff; Marianne Walters, Social Services; April Whaling, Social Services; Tammy Williams, Emergency Medical Services.