Tax exclusions program helps elderly, disabled

Elderly or disabled homeowners can apply for certain property tax exclusions through a program offered by Cabarrus County.

Cabarrus County offers three tax exclusions based on age or disability. Approved tax exclusions will be listed on Cabarrus County tax bills, due out in August.

People who already receive an exclusion, and wish to continue it, must verify information with the County Assessor's Office by Jan. 31. For others, the application period runs through June 1.

To qualify, the property owner must be a Cabarrus County resident and the home must be the applicant's permanent residence. If others live in the home, only the applicant must meet the requirements for exclusion.

For 2011, the county had 2,230 Homestead Exclusions and 184 Veteran Exclusions, said Brent Weisner, Cabarrus County Tax Administrator. For the 2011 tax year, $125,730,049 of assessed value in the Homestead Exclusion program and $8,427,630 in the Veterans program were excluded.

The Circuit Breaker program has been in place for the past 4 to 5 years but no one has ever signed up for the program in Cabarrus County.

"The purpose for this program is to help people who have homes sitting on land that has become very valuable, such as a house located on a prime commercial lot, water front property or mountain property," said Weisner. For details or to receive an application: 704-920-2175 or