Kinetic Church focuses on small groups, outreach

According to, the word "kinetic" means "pertaining to motion," "caused by motion" or "characterized by movement."

I am constantly seeing this word on a sign outside Cox Mill High School.

The sign promotes a church that meets there every Sunday. What a great name: This young and growing church is constantly on the move and is very appropriately called Kinetic Church.

"Kinetic strives to be a church of disciples making disciples," said church member Robin Foley. "We do that through small groups and community outreach. Our small groups meet at members' homes and enjoy social and Bible study time.

"A lot of it is building relationships that continue outside of the meeting times," Foley said. "We swap babysitting with each other, meet for coffee, and help each other in times of need. Over time, we build accountability relationships, mentoring relationships and learn from each other; all in an effort to be more Christ-like."

Robin, her husband, Brian, and their two young daughters, Shannon and Cailin, have been attending Kinetic Church for six years.

"We only visited one other church before we fell in love at first sight with Kinetic," she said. "Or maybe first song! We really enjoy the worship. It's very current and always changing; sometimes it's laid back and unplugged, and often it is upbeat and electric.

"The pastor incorporates snippets of everyday life into the message and shows how the Bible is timeless by using verses that are relevant in our times and not just thousands of years ago. We also felt very welcome, and there were lots of young families, so it just fit."

"Kinetic Church is a nondenominational church," said leadership resident Chris Woolard. He is there to learn all there is to know about church planting. Eventually he and his wife will move to Wilmington to start a new church there.

"Our Sunday services are comprised of relaxed time to hang out with each other, really great modern worship music and a preaching time that is simply real and relevant," Woolard said. "We have an excellent children's ministry (Kinetic Kids) that does a great job of making Bible learning fun and memorable for our children.

"We believe that it's not just child care; it's raising up the next generation for Jesus."

I asked Woolard whether he had any advice for someone who would like to try Kinetic for the first time.

"Yes," he said. "Come! Kinetic is church like you probably haven't experienced it before. Don't worry about dressing up but feel free to if it's your style. Just come with an open mind and listen for what God is trying to tell you.

"We don't take the credit, but we know that has really helped to change lives through the ministry we do here," he said. "If you're looking for that, come find it along with us!"

Kinetic Church meets at 9:30 and 11 a.m. Sundays at Cox Mill High, at 1355 Cox Mill Road in Concord. For more information visit their website at or call 704-593-1330. It also has a facebook page under the name Kinetic Church.