Fit right in with fitness class in Mount Pleasant

As I write this, it’s the morning after Christmas, when most of us still recovering from the overindulgence of the holiday.

But in Mount Pleasant, there’s a group of women getting started on their New Year’s resolutions, or continuing the good habits they’ve practiced this year. They are exercising, and doing it in a way that’s convenient, affordable and fun.

Local, affordable, connected and accountable: These are the goals for personal trainer and group fitness instructor Susan Moose. She started teaching fitness classes in July with five or 10 people on the stage behind Mount Pleasant Town Hall. Since then, she said, her classes have grown at an “amazing rate.”

Moose moved to Mount Pleasant a few years ago. Fitness, she said, has always been part of her life, so as she settled into eastern Cabarrus County, she wondered, “Where’s the gym?”

She started traveling to Concord for her own workouts but wanted a place locally for people to work out, get healthier and find accountability from friends and neighbors to meet those goals.

Finally, she said, the time seemed right and she began offering classes. Facebook and word-of-mouth were all the advertising she’s needed. Starting this month, Moose will offer 10 classes weekly at a variety of times, hoping to work into anyone’s schedule.

Margaret Furr, a teacher at Mount Pleasant Elementary School, has been attending Moose’s class for about six weeks and loves it. She said she was nervous the first time, wondering whether she’d be able to keep up, worried everyone would be looking at her.

She remembers thinking, if I don’t throw up, that’ll be good. But Moose, she said, “makes you feel good.”

That’s a common reaction, Moose said. Most people are nervous at first, but they soon realize everyone is in their own little world, and there are so many different levels in each class that everyone – from the least-experienced beginner to the veteran – fits in somewhere.

Moose gives modifications for every exercise so that everyone can work at their own level. She said most people who start her classes keep coming back.

“They realize, ‘I survived, and everyone was nice,’ ” she said, so they want to return.

In fact, Moose counts on the connections and friendships that develop in her classes to make people accountable for their fitness.

Most people start because they want to lose weight, she said, but when they can also see friends, have a good time and feel better, they are even more motivated to get healthy and fit.

And Moose doesn’t want cost to be an obstacle to fitness. Her classes are just $5 each or five classes for $20. No equipment is required; she asks only that students bring a water bottle and mat or beach towel.

If fitness is among your goals for the new year, check the full schedule of Moose’s classes on her Facebook page, “Fit Connection with Susan Moose,” or contact her by phone at 704-560-3191 or by email at