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All about people: Waxhaw man’s ministry started from a chair

Dwain Byrum founded a line of hair-care products and is now studying religion at Liberty University.
Dwain Byrum founded a line of hair-care products and is now studying religion at Liberty University. KAREN SCIOSCIA

Dwain Byrum is a successful entrepreneur, author, pastor and family man.

“I give all the glory to God,” Byrum said.

To do justice to Byrum’s amazing story, one must start at the beginning.

Byrum is the youngest of Dowd and Lizzie Byrum’s four children. “We were taught at a young age that you must work for whatever you want,” Byrum said recently, “and we were raised with good Christian values. I was in the youth choir in church and even became president.”

Raking leaves and cutting grass were part of Byrum’s early years. “I was able to pay for my first car myself,” said Byrum, now 47.

He worked several jobs while attending West Charlotte High School and says he always maintained a “B” average. His parents owned businesses, and Byrum grew up seeing that you got out what you put in.

He worked at his father’s janitorial business and his mother’s hair salon. He also drove a school bus during a period when students were allowed to drive the buses (that opportunity is no longer available).

After he graduated from high school, Byrum dove into the business world. While working in real estate, he also trained as a hair stylist, receiving his license from Plaza Beauty School in 1986.

He started his own business in 1992.

“I got great business training from my mom. She preached cleanliness, don’t keep clients waiting and always treat clients well,” Byrum said. “I learned that every client is your supervisor, and you need to remember that to be successful.”

His salon, DW’s Creative Touch, was first located in Northgate Shopping Center, and after 13 years there, Byrum moved to 2918 N. Davidson St. in NoDa, where he’s been for 10 years.

But running the salon was not Byrum’s only business interest.

“Working with hair every day, you really get to know products – what’s good and what isn’t,” he said. “I was finding that some hair products just didn’t live up to their hype, and I felt that I could come up with something better,” Byrum said.

He experimented by mixing oils and trying combinations of different ingredients. He hired a chemist in Atlanta and another in California and worked with them to create products. The result is Universal Hair Enhancer, a line of products Byrum says is “formulated from the heart.”

“God has always led me,” Byrum said.

Byrum met his wife of 15 years, Anita, at church, and they served together as youth pastors at Grace Christian on Johnston Road.

The two now are the pastors of Faith Haven Ministries, in a wing of the beauty salon. “Our ministry grew from the chair,” Byrum said.

Salon customers would talk to him about everything and he would pray for, and with, them.

The couple has written a book, “Heavenly Promises to Me,” designed to help bring people closer to God.

Byrum also is taking religious studies through Liberty University. Anita Byrum has her master’s degree and is a nurse.

The Byrums live in Waxhaw with their three children. In addition to being involved in the children’s activities, the family enjoys riding horses together and going to the mountains.

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