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Hope Haven offers chance to rebuild lives

Tricia and Todd Weast work on a new life together at Hope Haven.
Tricia and Todd Weast work on a new life together at Hope Haven. CHARLENE PRICE-PATTERSON

Second chances can be life changing, and in some cases life saving. That’s how Tricia and Todd Weast feel about their journey to sobriety. And now they hope to help others.

Tricia said she took the first step in March. Her youngest brother died suddenly from a heart problem. During his life he had seen Tricia and Todd struggle with alcoholism and even homelessness.

“He had always told me we were better than this,” Tricia said.

She said she called called a detox center in Kannapolis for help three days after her brother died. Through the center she was connected with Alcoholics Anonymous. Tricia and Todd are Salisbury natives, but their journey has led them to Charlotte.

After getting help in Kannapolis and later Lexington, Tricia went to Dove’s Nest, a faith-based recovery program for women in Charlotte. Then she reached out to her husband of 18 years.

Todd said, “Her recovery touched me. I said, if she’s doing it, I’m doing it.”

Tricia smiled and said, “That was my happiest day.”

Todd entered the Rebound program for men. The Rebound and Dove’s Nest programs both are part of the Charlotte Rescue Mission.

After completing their respective programs, the couple now continue their road to recovery through Hope Haven Inc. and their partnering agencies. Hope Haven provides life skills for chemically dependent adults and families within a supportive residential environment that leads to independence.

Tricia and Todd credit their faith, family and support from Alcoholics Anonymous for their success. They also get counseling as a couple.

“Letting God back in my life was major,” Todd said.

“We pray together daily,” said Tricia.

Todd said hearing the success stories of others who have gone though Alcoholics Anonymous has been inspiring.

“Some of the speakers sounded like they had lived my life, and they talked about how they made it,” he said.

The couple moved into the family program at Hope Haven on Oct. 19.

“We’ve never lived together sober before,” Todd said.

They plan to create a new life in Charlotte. Hope Haven will be their home for the next two years. Eventually, Tricia and Todd want to reunite with their youngest son and they hope to get jobs.

“We can be a positive asset to society and to our families,” Tricia said.

They said they want others to know there is help, and it’s never too late.

“You don’t work half as hard to stay sober as you do to continue being an alcoholic,” Todd said.

Charlene Price-Patterson is a freelance writer:

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