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Some Uptown businesses will pay for your parking

Visiting an Uptown business?

A city-sponsored program may help cover your parking or transportation costs.

Park It – a division of the Charlotte Department of Transportation – has recently started more actively promoting its “Park! Center City” program, which offers uptown businesses discounted tokens to help draw people to the city. Businesses distribute the tokens to customers to use for parking meters, parking decks, Charlotte Area Transit System buses and the light rail.

Park It recently hung banners around the city that read, “We validate parking here,” with the “Park! Center City” logo.

“We are trying to make this more visible,” said CDOT spokeswoman Linda Durrett.

Currently, 73 businesses and 21 parking decks participate, with more being actively solicited. Most businesses are bars and restaurants, Durrett said, but dentists, jewelers and other business owners have also joined the program.

To encourage more businesses, Park It sells the $1 tokens to businesses for 50 cents.

Most businesses that offer tokens display a “Park! Center City” decal outside the establishment, but a complete list isn't available on the CDOT Web site. Garages accepting the coin should have a banner hanging at the entrance.