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Finally, uptown dog park arrives

When Wesley Heights resident Kori Deer took her two Labrador retrievers, Jake and Bella, to nearby Frazier Park for some leash-free energy burn, a lecture from park officials or law enforcement usually followed.

Last Wednesday, though, Deer smiled as Jake and Bella chased slobbery tennis balls and slurped water with other dogs in the newly opened Frazier dog park.

“I always got in trouble for letting them play off the leash,” Deer said. “This makes it so much easier on me.”

Separated from the rest of the park and nearby basketball courts by a 6-foot fence, Frazier's free 1.3-acre dog park was met with scores of people and their pets for last week's official opening as uptown's only dog park.

The dog park, located off Fourth Street Extension, even separates the grassy stretch into two areas – one for large, galloping dogs and a smaller side for more petite dogs. Owners and their pets have to go through two latched doors at the entrance and exit to help ensure that dogs don't escape.