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Letters to the editor

My parents have lived all their lives in Union County. They have lived the last 40-some years in the same modest house. They are both retired and their house is paid for. Now they find their tax bill this year is tripled over last year. They have paid into Union County all their lives. Why should they be burdened because someone builds a development down the road from them. Their property hasn't changed. Let's be fair to them and allow them to keep their home and a tax rate that is fair to them.

John Helms


Dancing for dollars

Thanks to the Monroe Shag Club, HealthQuest can serve more residents of Union, Anson and Chesterfield counties who cannot afford their prescription medications.

The club recently held its 10th annual Shaggin' For Dollars charity event, and it was another huge success. Not only did hundreds of attendees have a great time, but two non-profit organizations – HealthQuest and the Veterans Council – will benefit from the proceeds.

Shag Club members hold the event annually to support the community, and each year they have done an outstanding job. Final figures are not in for this year's event, but the club has donated more than $220,000 in the previous nine years to community organizations. HealthQuest is proud to have been selected as a recipient for three years.

Because HealthQuest is able to leverage each dollar of contribution into almost $10 of medicines, last year's contribution of $10,000 supplied approximately $100,000 in medications for clients.

Jimmy Baucom

Chairman HealthQuest Board of Directors

Prepare for disaster

The recent rash of family house fires this summer in Union and Anson counties and flooding in nearby communities reminds us that the unexpected can happen any time.

While we can't control what happens, we can control how we prepare for and respond to it. Taking action ahead of time to prepare can help us respond better, faster, and safer.

September is National Preparedness Month and your local American Red Cross is encouraging residents to take three simple actions to “Be Red Cross Ready:”

Get a kit.

Make a plan.

Be informed.

Taking these basic preparedness actions can help you prepare for a variety of disasters, from a power outage to an ice storm to a house fire.

To help you, we've created a free online education module with our Be Red Cross Ready link at It includes an easy-to-follow preparedness clip, downloadable emergency preparedness kit shopping list, emergency contact card and instructions for creating a family communication plan.

Kathy Bragg

Community executive, American Red Cross