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Romans to ‘fight' in Queen City

As a graduate student in biblical history, Rusty Myers has been thrilled by a certain culture: The ancient Roman army.

Myers plans to show it off at the Roman Army Festival, an interactive simulation next weekend at Fourth Ward Park in uptown. Discovery Place is organizing the free event in conjunction with its A Day in Pompeii exhibit. The festival is scheduled to include a program training kids to fight like Roman soldiers and live displays of Roman culture. Its centerpiece is battle re-enactments featuring Myers and others.

The point, Discovery Place spokeswoman Natividad Lewis said, is to expand on the Pompeii exhibit and offer an entertaining history lesson. “We always try to supplement on our exhibits,” she said.

Hence bringing in Myers' Legio VI re-enactment crew. Myers expects two Charlotte men to join them. The group models itself after a Roman legion stationed in Judea during the first century A.D. – the same century Mount Vesuvius' eruption overtook Pompeii.