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Town is excited about ideas for logos, slogans

Indian Trail is getting branded.

Just days after consultant Ben Muldrow presented ideas for a new town logo and slogans, ideas are flying for using the town's new identity on T-shirts, signs, baseball caps, flags and signs.

The main slogan for the town graphic likely will be “crossing paths,” which represents Indian Trail's history as a trading path that now accommodates many newcomers. One graphic depicts a winding path leading to a person standing with open arms.

“We wanted to tie into … that it was a community that was moving forward and progressing,” Muldrow said. “We feel like, in the past, people had put a lot of emphasis on the word ‘Indian,' and it was really this idea of a trail and crossing paths that made the place special.”

Many ideas also play on Indian Trail's initials: ‘it.'

Muldrow showed the town at a recent meeting how those initials could be turned into slogans like “Protect it” for sheriff's officers and “Enjoy it” for the town's Family Fun Day. Indian Trail Town Manager Ed Humphries says he plans to have a baseball hat lettered with, “I manage it.”

“We've got all kinds of plans,” Humphries said of the branding effort. “It's really exciting.”

Muldrow, who works with Arnett Muldrow & Associates of Greenville, S.C., said that during his interviews of Indian Trail townspeople, he repeatedly heard how the town was unique because of the “melting pot” of people who live there.

The town council will vote on the branding ideas in early September. If approved, they will be released for use by businesses, organizations and town officials. The town wanted a brand to help establish an identity and for marketing.

Extreme Ice Center already has plans to use the new logo with “Skate it” on T-shirts that will be sold at the center and given out as promotional items at events such as Charlotte Checkers games.

Maureen Mulhall, Extreme Ice general manager who was on the steering committee for the branding process, said she “absolutely loved” the new graphics and slogans.

“Everybody's just really jazzed up and excited about it,” Mulhall said. “I think if nothing else, it's going to point everybody's nose in the right direction, to the future.”

Humphries said the key is to keep the momentum going. The town staff has already come up with ideas ranging from T-shirts to garden flags using the new graphics. The logo and slogans also will be used on the town's new Web site, newsletters and publicity material.

The town will soon put an updated town seal, which Muldrow also designed, behind the town council table in Indian Trail's civic building.

If widely used, the logos and graphics can help Indian Trail create a strong identity, Muldrow said.

“It can help the citizens of Indian Trail focus their pride on the place they call home,” Muldrow said. “That is the most important byproduct of a process like this. It will allow the community to better community by having a consistent look and feel.”

The town also hopes that Indian Trail's neighborhoods, many of which have their own graphics, will incorporate the town's logo.

“Right now those neighborhood identities have overpowered the identity of Indian Trail, because they've done so much better communicating consistently and creating an identity for themselves,” Muldrow said. “Now we want to step up to the plate and create an identity for (Indian Trail) that these members of the community can be proud to associate with.”