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Help wanted to spruce up Starmount

Starmount's neighborhood beautification committee is looking for residents willing to renew neighborhood efforts to spruce up the area.

Committee captain Borys Scott-Harmony said that in recent months, he has noticed waning interest among residents in picking up trash and debris that has accumulated on neighborhood streets and medians.

When he first took on the job six months ago, at least a half-dozen people would show up to beautification meetings to discuss plans to upgrade neighborhood signs and clean up trash.

Those levels, however, have dropped to zero.

“I understand that people work, and on Saturdays they just want to relax,” he said. “It's just that the trash looks horrible.”

Scott-Harmony said he hopes to coordinate cleanup days again, but is considering requesting a $5 monthly fee from residents to pay neighborhood youths to clean up.

That way, he said, Starmount could stay tidy and homeowners wouldn't have to physically do all the work.

Scott-Harmony said he may submit a proposal to the homeowners association at its next meeting in the fall.

Residents with ideas for beautifying the neighborhood are asked to contact the beautification committee by e-mail at beautify@starmount