City News

Neighbors oppose pair of projects

Residents in Myers Park and Sedgefield area neighborhoods are protesting developments that will go to the City Council Monday night.

One proposed condo building at 2100 Queens Road has residents worried about its height and the number of units.

The other project, at 237 Marsh Road, involves a developer who wants to put condos on a site zoned for single-family homes.

On Queens Road, The Boulevard Co. recently proposed a 90-foot building with a maximum of 42 residential units.

Neighbors balked, saying the building's height was inappropriate for the area. Neighborhood residents had already filed a petition several months ago to have the site and others rezoned to restrict the density of development in the area.

City staff are recommending the project be approved.

On Marsh Road, The Drakeford Co. proposed a condo building that would be a maximum of 40 feet high with 18 units, not far from the New Bern light-rail station.

City staff and neighbors are against the project because a recently adopted zoning plan for the area calls for single-family homes on the site. The purpose was to preserve the character of the surrounding neighborhood.

In addition, city transportation officials say there are no sidewalks or parking spaces in the proposal. The Charlotte Department of Transportation worries that the amount of traffic would be too high for a new driveway proposed to serve the site.