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County seeks ideas on existing parks

Starting early three years ago, Fourth Ward residents and the Mecklenburg Park and Recreation Department collaborated to plan, design and build the Ninth Street Park, which opened in February.

Now, the department wants to try a similar approach to upgrade some existing city parks.

Ideas are being sought for a five- and 10-year plan for the eastern portion of Independence Park near Seventh Street. The park has a rose garden, parking lot, walkways and not much more along Park Drive.

The Morningside neighborhood recently conducted a similar survey of residents for what they would want in a redesign of Veterans Park on Central Avenue. Brian Conroy, a park planner for the department's Central Region, said residents near Cordelia Park on North Davidson Street will do the same soon.

The proposed $250 million parks bond won't affect any plans or ideas for Independence Park because it doesn't meet the requirements needed for improvements, Conroy said. The referendum would provide money to upgrade some athletic facilities at Cordelia and Veterans. Dan Tierney