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Third Ward can speak on Sprinter

The recently unveiled “Airport Sprinter” bus route may run through Third Ward, and the Charlotte Area Transit System wants your input.

CATS representatives will present the plan for the hybrid bus slotted to run from uptown to Charlotte/Douglas International Airport at this month's Third Ward meeting 7-9 p.m. Tuesday at the Gateway Village YMCA.

Kiera Terrell, a CATS spokeswoman, said representatives are going to all neighborhoods possibly affected by the planned bus route to get feedback and distribute information.

The sprinter, which could include five hybrid buses that get 6 miles per gallon – 50 percent more than the regular bus – could start next summer. Buses would run every 15 or 20 minutes with uptown stops at the Charlotte Transportation Center, Trade and Tryon, Graham and Trade, and near Johnson & Wales University. Current airport buses run every 30 minutes during peak times and every hour off-peak.

CATS is considering adding benches, public art and unique signs to go with the green paint scheme planned for the buses.

“We're trying to brand the system,” Terrell said.

Each bus will cost around $530,000, with CATS also pledging to invest around $1.3 million for other stop and station improvements.