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TV golf guy not so easy to catch

Finding Peter Oosterhuis in one place for very long during the golf season can be a trick.

I recently caught up with him while he was between PGA tour stops. He had just returned to his Rosewood Condominium home in Cotswold from Verona, N.Y., where he covered the Turning Stone Resort Championship for the Golf Channel.

In a quick, two-day turnaround, he made it back to Charlotte in time to host several close friends in celebrating his wife Roothie's birthday, and was packing a bag to head out for the Valero Texas Open.

And so it goes for Oosterhuis: If today is Wednesday, it must be San Antonio.

He's not complaining, though. In fact, he loves every minute of it. “I get the opportunity to travel to some fantastic places, work with a great team and cover the sport I love,” says Oosterhuis.

He spends 30 weeks per year on tour with the PGA, covering tournaments as a golf analyst, splitting his time between CBS Sports and the Golf Channel. He also provides occasional coverage to Sky Sports for British Television.

A former European and PGA tour player, Oosterhuis has an impressive resume of on- and off-course achievements. He captured the European Tour's Order of Merit (the money list) for four consecutive years, 1971-1974. He has 19 international victories to his credit, including the 1981 Canadian Open.

He joined the Golf Channel in 1994, covering the European tour part-time. That blossomed into a full- time role 1995-1997. In 1998, Oosterhuis joined CBS Sports and began his longstanding role as part of a heralded team covering the PGA tour.

Oosterhuis and Roothie relocated to Charlotte from Scottsdale, Ariz., last year. They lived in rental housing in the SouthPark area while their home at Rosewood was being finished and moved in during the spring of this year.

The couple loves to show off the city's tree canopy and striking residential architecture to visitors. Queens Road West is a favorite drive when squiring out-of-town guests.

Why did they move? “We thought it was time for a change” said Oosterhuis. “We made some wonderful friends back in 1975 when I played in the Kemper Open at the Quail Hollow Club and developed a fondness for the city.”

The Cotswold location is perfect for the couple in many ways. According to Oosterhuis, they enjoy the access to a major airport, great shopping and dining, closeness to friends, and proximity to the golf course.

Oosterhuis calls the Quail Hollow Club his home course, though he has a membership at Myers Park Country Club, and his PGA membership gives him access to the Tournament Players Club at Piper Glen. Given his travel schedule, he said, his wife is likely to put in more rounds on the course than he does, though he'd like to rectify that.