Gaston & Catawba

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The following are deeds filed for property sales, with the listings written as such: seller, property, location township, buyer, price, recording date. Township abbreviations: BT, Bandys Township; CT, Catawba Township; CDT, Caldwell Township; CLT, Clines Township; HT, Hickory Township; JFT, Jacobs Fork Township; MCT, Mountain Creek Township; NT, Newton Township.

Alice Guy, Lot 3 in Hampton East subdivision; HT; to Mary Fisher; $200,000/S; Sept. 10.

Gary Whicello, Unit 302 in Viewmont Plaza Condos; HT; to Alice Guy; $133,000/S; Sept. 11.

Kellam & Pettit, Trustee for Marta Mejia, Lot 16 in Block A of Westside Hills subdivision; NT; to GMAC Mortgage LLC; $139,000/S; Sept. 11.

Timothy and Judith Inch, Lot 1 in Block B of Hill-N-Dale subdivision; HT; to Michael Hawkins; $190,000/S; Sept. 11.

Fred and Charlotte Craig, Lot 33 in Wandering Meadows; HT; to Teiko Hollar; $239,000/S; Sept. 11.

Lonna Lundquist, Lot 19 in Huntington Downs; HT; to Edgar and Rhonda Freeze; $150,000/S; Sept. 11.

Philip Searcy, Trustee for Anthony and Mona Hammond, Lot in Camaru Cove subdivision; HT; to Frankie and Roy Wilson; $104,000/S; Sept. 12.

Maria Blowers, Lot 8 in Providence Forest subdivision; HT; to Mark and Terri Hall; $137,500/S; Sept. 12.

Fred and Patricia Kirby, Lot 7 in Block B of Cloninger Heights; HT: to Brian Holloway; $120,000/S; Sept. 12.

Kelly and David Heath Jr., Parcel on Sixth Street N.W.; HT; to S & S Investments of Catawba Valley LLC; $190,000/S; Sept. 12.

Rick Carpenter and Teresa Abernathy, Tract 1 in Plat 64 at Page 108, Cypressridge Townhomes; HT; to Anna Quackenboss; $115,000/S; Sept. 12.

Carolyn and Gwyn Taylor, Lots 17 - 20 in Warlick & Warlick property, Plat 4 Page 95; NT; to Martha Bautista-Suarez; $70,000/S; Sept. 12.

Kelly Queen and husband Bobby Burgin, Lot 7 in Block B of Springwood Terrace Extension, Tract 11 being Lot 1-A in Plat 58 Page 99; HT; to Timothy and Samantha Galligher; $139,500/S; Sept. 12.

Strider Investments II, LLC, Lots 25 - 28 in Block C of Greenwood Terrace; HT; to Shrum & Meyers LLC; $72,000/S; Sept. 12.

William Southers, Lot 9 in Strawberry Field, Phase 2; CLT; to Cheryl Martin, Brandi and Wuilfredie Marquez-Vides; $114,000/S; Sept. 12.

Bobby Bolton Sr., Parcel on Shade Tree Lane; MCT; to Claire and George Morrison III; $270,000/S; Sept. 15.

Nationwide Trustee Services Inc., Trustee for Larry and Gail Vergason, Parcel on 1004 North Ashe Avenue; NT; to Franklin Credit Management Corp.; $165,000/S; Sept. 15.

Thelma Smith, Tract 1 being 6.975 acres, of the H.H. Bowman Estate property, Tract II being 5.683 acres on SR 2019; JFT; to Marty and Elizabeth Beal; $77,000/S; Sept. 15.

Jay and Heidi Caldwell, Lot 29 in Brickfield; CDT; to Lloyd and Irene Isaac; $225,000/S; Sept. 15.

Bill and Judy Travis, 2 Tracts being 1.31 acres and 5 acres on Water Plant Road; CDT; to Kue Yang, Chia Lee and Reginold Yang; $135,500/S; Sept. 15.

Jeffrey and Melissa Price, Lot 27 in Village Meadow subdivision; CLT; to Charles and Kathleen Edwards; $131,500/S; Sept. 15.

Grady Ingle, Trustee for Elizabeth McConnell, Lot 4 of Sigmon Hollow subdivision; NT; to Morgan Stanley; $81,000/S; Sept. 16.

Robert and Kerri Collins, Lot 64 in Plaza Ridge subdivision; HT; to Elizabeth Friend; $179,000/S; Sept. 16.

Deidra Lackey and Charles Temple Jr., Co-Executors Thelma Cobb Estate, Cathy Templeton, Robert Lackey, Carin and Robert Lackey Jr., Brian Lackey, Britanny and Clayton Templeton, Parcel on Third Street N.E.; HT; to Matthew and Elizabeth Moncrief; $113,000/S; Sept. 16.