Gaston & Catawba

Catawba County Land Transactions |

The following are deeds filed for property sales, with the listings written like this: seller, property, location township, buyer, price, recording date. Township abbreviations: BT, Bandys Township; CT, Catawba Township; CDT, Caldwell Township; CLT, Clines Township; HT, Hickory Township; JFT, Jacobs Fork Township; MCT, Mountain Creek Township; NT, Newton Township.

Syn-R-G, LLC., Lot 7 in Long Island Airport, Phase II; CT; to Michael Heinen and wife Laurie Beach; $150,000/S; Sept. 19.

Kenneth and Amanda Walters, Parcel in Plat 30 at Page 224, Blackburn Bridge Road; JFT; to April Puett and husband Robert SherrillIII; $128,000/S; Sept. 19.

Jeffrey and Melisa Rollins, Lot 6 in Hunter's Chase, Phase 2; HT; to Eddie and Sharon Allen; $179,000/S; Sept. 19.

David Karriker, Parcel in the C. S. Witherspoon property; CT; to Tamara Karriker; $130,000/S; Sept. 19.

Michael and Heidi Moreau, Lot 16 in Whistle Place; HT; to Mark and Deborah Linville; $600.000/S; Sept. 19.

Winford Day and Michele Day, Tract 1 being Lots 7, 8 9, 53, 54 and 55 of Gregory property, Map 2, Tract 2 being parcel on Sunrise Drive; CLT; to Charles Taylor II; $205,000/S; Sept. 19.

Bank of Granite, Lot 33 in Summerfield Subdivision, Phase 3; HT; to Jon Wright; $95,000/S; Sept. 19.

Brian and Angela Fox, Tract 2 containing 9.26 acres, Tract 3 containing 9.93 acres on SR 2024; JFT; to Eric Hull; $90,000/S; Sept. 22.

Wilburn and Ellen McCall, Lots 1,2, 22 and 23 in Campbell & Buchanan, Plat 1 Page 20; HT; to Sheila Johnson and Kenneth Williams; $78,500/S; Sept. 22.

Larry and Jean Holt, Lot 240 in The Landing at Moore's Ferry, Phase 6; HT; to Richard and Roseanna Brown; $435,000/S; Sept. 22. Donna and Gary Todd, Lot 1 containing 1.59 acres in Plat 65 at Page 157; MCT; to Brandon and Sindy Boland; $85,000/S; Sept. 23.

Mary Crone, Unit 3 in Grove Townhomes; HT; to Mark , Brian and Alan Knuckles; $175,000/S; Sept. 23.

James and Lynne Lichtenstein, a 5.473-acre tract on SR 2503; HT; to Johnny and Teresa Bryson; $183,000/S; Sept. 23.

Patricia and Jasper Mangum Jr., Lot 15 in Block J of Rock Barn Club of Golf, Section 7; CLT; to Sue and Wyllis James Jr; $506,000/S; Sept. 24.

Harvey and Janet Houser, 36.481 acres on Mull Road; BT; to Frank Clina ; $131,500/S: Sept. 24.

Michelle and Brett Houldin, Lot 36 in Olde Savannah subdivision; CLT; to Susan Bernard; $375,000/S; Sept. 25.

D. L. and C. A May, Lot 43 in Meadow Crest subdivision; CLT; to Amanda Ciba; $155,000/S; Sept. 25.

Alvin and Nancy Stout, Unit 37 in Quail Run Condos; HT; to Roberto Vargas; $81,000/S; Sept. 25.

Stonebrook LLC, Lot 54 in Stonebrook, Phase 2; HT; to Darlene Marshall; $145,000/S; Sept. 25.

Charles and Sonya Abernethy, Lot 10 in Block B of Fairway Acres subdivision; NT; to Michael and Andrea England; $153,000/S; Sept. 25.

Kenneth and Brenda Wingfield, Lot 109 in Section 32 of Crescent Land & Timber property; MCT; to Timothy and Glenda Lawing; $559,000/S; Sept. 26.

Timothy and Glenda Lawing, Lot 7 in Charles Wilson Beatty property, Plat 12 Page 120; MCT; to Kenneth Wingfield; $374,000/S; Sept. 26.

June and Jerry Phillips, Lot 6 in Fritts, Morris & Walter property, Plat 9 Page 81; HT; to Bruce and Deborah Carlton; $127,500/S; Sept. 26.

L. D. Austin Co., Lot 1352 in Block 2 of 21 Vendue Condos; HT; to Susan Kosick; $148,000/S; Sept. 26.

Vang and Shannon Yang, Lot 65 in Cold Water Creek subdivision; NT; to Edward Legg; $146,000/S; Sept. 26.

Sandra Paparone, Lot 404 in Moore's Ferry Townhomes, Map 4; HT; to Gary Whichello and Wanda Kerley; $275,000/S; Sept. 26.

Steven and Sherry Barr, Lot 107 in Lawson's Creek , Phase 3-A; HT; to John and Judith French; $309,500/S; Sept. 26.

Michael Buchanan, Lot 53 in Melrose Place; HT; to Albright Huynh and wife Bich Do; $164,000/S; Sept. 26.

Patricia Lucent, Lot 55 in Lawson's Creek, Phase 2; HT; to Jeremy and Jamie Frye; $248,000/S; Sept. 26.

M & M Land LLC, Parcel 373215543308, Parcel on 70-A;Conover; NT; to William and Carol Kirby; $85,000/S; Sept. 29.

Harley Hardin, Parcel on N. College Avenue; NT; to James Creed; $100,500/S; Sept. 29.

Tony and Alicia Taylor, Lot 30 in Block C of Tanglewood Park, Section III; HT; to Magana and Georgina De La Torre; $94,000/S; Sept. 29.

Donald Kane, 1/2-acre parcel on SR 1977, Emerald Drive; MCT; to John and Cynthia Lyerly; $315,000/S; Sept. 29.

Carolina Choice Properties Inc., Unit B in the Oaks on Main Townhouses; Maiden; to George Sigmon; $130,000/S; Sept. 29.