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Mock election excites students

Though they are too young to vote in the real election, the students at Gastonia's Sherwood Elementary School recently held a mock election, showing a lot of interest in the real thing.

According to school counselor and student council advisor Emily Brown, students from kindergarten to Grade 5 participated.

This was part of National Mock Election, which encourages schools to hold mock elections nationwide for students in grades K-12.

Brown says her students can't believe they get to participate in an election, many asking, “I can vote?”

“It is a neat experience for them,” she said. “They can vote, and it makes them want to be more informed.”

She says they learn a lot about the electoral process and how we elect our leaders.

She says that many of the kids tend to follow the leanings of their parents.

The extra excitement of this year's election has trickled down to the kids at Sherwood, she says.

She hopes the mock election may trigger the interests of some of the parents who normally don't vote in the real one.

“I'm hopeful that hearing abut the students voting will cause parents to get out and vote,” she said.

As for the results, Barack Obama won with 75 percent of the vote.